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All fruits, vegetables and flowers produce ethylene gas in varying amounts. Damaged plants or flowers, in the process of spoiling, generate even higher levels of ethylene gas. Exhaust fumes from autos, buses, trucks and forklifts contain ethylene and other gases that will adversely effect your floral products.

Experts estimate that up to 30% of floral products perish prematurely due to the harmful effects of ethylene gas. Premature aging of flowers, curling of leaves, dropping florets, withered petal tips, loss of deep color and yellowing are just some of the symptoms caused by elevated concentrations of ethylene gas. 

FLORAL GUARD'S active ingredient oxidizes ethylene gas on contact and binds the harmless byproduct of this reaction within a porous, purple pellet.

FLORAL GUARD media has a built in color indicator; as the media removes the ethylene gas from the cooler, the pellets slowly change from purple to lighter shades of pink, then to tan and eventually to dark brown.

FLORAL GUARD media is available in bulk, in hanging Ambient Gas Collecting Filters (AGC) and F-1 screw in filters for NHV Ethylene Purifiers. 

Our Products

F-1 Ethylene Filter

The F-1 Ethylene

The F-1 Ethylene Filter is available and will function in all models of Ethylene Purifiers made since 1979. Over the years we have found that the average life of an F-1 filter is four months. In some urban areas with high vehicular traffic or in areas in close proximity to ripening fruits and vegetables the filters will not be as long lived.

AGC Filter

The AGC Ambient Gas Collector Filter is for use in the smaller display coolers and small cold storage rooms not equipped with an Ethylene Purifier.

Bulk Media


FLORAL GUARD BULK MEDIA is available for diverse applications. Minimum 5# purchase.

For current pricing call (317) 253-0454